AFC 2011 – Milwaukee, WI

All Good Things www.allgoodthingsosf.org  

Allegany Art www.alleganyart.com

Bread for the World www.bread.org

Canticle Studio/artwork by Sister Kay Frances Burger OSF

Caritas Vehicle Services www.caritasfleet.com  

Christian Brothers Services www.cbservices.org

Designs by Diane – Diane Oman OSF, Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi

Four Corners of the World – Fair Trade www.fairtrademilwaukee.org

Fr Michael Crosby OFM Cap www.michaelcrosby.net

Franciscan Action Network www.franciscanaction.org

Franciscan Federation www.franfed.org/FranciscanResources.html

Franciscan Institute Publications

Franciscan Mission Service www.franciscanmissionservice.org

Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs  www.franciscanpilgrimages.com

Franciscans International  www.franciscansinternational.org

Magnify the Lord Artwork www.magnifythelordartwork.com and www.birdsatrest.com  

New City Press www.newcitypress.com

Poverello Prints www.lakeosfs.org/poverello_prints/poverello_prints.asp

Ruah Media/Sr Lisa Zmuda FSPA  www.ruahmedia.org

Santustar www.stellalunaart.com

School Sisters of St Francis of Christ the King www.lemontfranciscans.org

School Sisters of St Francis Pastoral Ministry Network

School Sisters of St Francis – U.S. Province 

Smallsmallacts.com  www.smallsmallacts.com

St. Ann’s Wellness www.stanncenter.org

Tau Center, A Spirituality Ministry of the Wheaton Franciscans www.taucenter.org

Tau Healing Arts, LLC www.tauhealingarts.com