Passionately Embracing Gospel Living
Annual Conference 2010

Session 2

Gospel Call to Being Contemplative
Presence in our Franciscan Charism

"We have mastered ministry but we have
not mastered contemplation;
the challenge is to not let the world's
busyness overtake us."

Sr. Claire André Gagliardi OSC

Session 3

Gospel Call of Relating to People

"People look to us for signs, these are
concrete gestures, actions, forms of behavior
that communicates something, very often
wordlessly, that communicates significance...
People are hungry for significance in their lives,

not that all problems will be solved, but to find
meaning in the events of their lives...One of our
gifts to each other and to our surrounding society
is to be people who know how to make signs...
a sign of something deeper."

Br. Bill Short OFM

Session 4

A Graced Place of Transformation and
Transition: Listening, Being a Sign and
the Importance of Forgiveness

"If we are going to witness Franciscan peace, we need to be forgiving"

Sr. Claire André Gagliardi OSC

"The greatest sign we can give in our society is that
image of being a reconciled community. If we can
be the signs of forgiveness and justice...the harmony
of charity and justice...which can never be
demanded or is always grace, always
freely given."

Br. Bill Short OFM

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